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Yoga & Dance Classes

Full Radiance Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Intro to Yoga
Iyengar Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Mom + Baby Yoga
Mom + Baby World Dance

Please note: prenatal, mom + baby classes will resume Feb 2014. Mom + Baby will resume in April. Both classes will be held at The Village Wellness Center

Full Radiance Yoga - Yoga’s heart-oriented philosophy is articulated, taught and woven into the practice with a strong emphasis on biomechanics of the body. Each week, the class focuses on a different aspect of the spiritual philosophy and how it relates to the anatomy and alignment in various poses including arm balances, inversions and backbends. Students of all levels of ability and experience are welcome. Sunday 9:30-11am, Tuesdays 6:30-8pm, Wednesday 7:15-8:45pm.
Sara D (and Sundays), Stephanie Freed (Wednesdays)
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Hatha Yoga - Explore how going inward leads to an honest and deeply personal practice. Breathwork, vinyasa sequences, sustained poses and meditation are taught with a strong emphasis on internal body awareness and energetic support of the asanas. All levels.
Saturday 8:30-10:00am CLASSES WILL RESUME early 2014- Kaeli
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Intro to Yoga - This one day workshop or 3 week course will introduce beginning students to yoga postures, philosophy, breathing and relaxation techniques. Next sessions:
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Iyengar Yoga - A method of Hatha yoga developed over the past 70 years by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. The approach emphasizes postural alignment, the use of props to facilitate learning, and therapeutic sequences for specific conditions. Iyengar yoga develops strength, flexibility, concentration and clarity. It is suitable for students of every age and fitness level. Please see day of week for class levels.
Monday, Wednesday, 5:30-7:00pm. Thursday 12:30-1:30pm, 6:45-8pm- Naama
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Prenatal Yoga - Through gentle strengthening, stretching and breath exercises, expectant mothers in explore the changes their bodies are undergoing, and prepare for the brilliant and intense experience of childbirth and mothering. Special emphasis is placed on supporting the changing structure and developing core strength and mental focus and calm. Drop-ins welcome.
Saturday 11am-12:15pm, Wednesday 6-7:15pm - Kaeli
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Mom (or Dad) + Baby Yoga - Mom + Baby classes provide moms (or dads/caregivers) a relaxed space to connect with other parents and explore the physical and emotional joys and headaches of caring for an infant. Yoga posters and breathwork focus on supporting postpartum healing and easing physical and emotional strain caused by round-the-clock infant care. While classes focus on the parent, infant massage and movement exercises are included to suport baby health and parent-infant bonding.

TBD, April 2014

Mom + Baby World Dance
Moms will dance to Latin American and African rhythms with babies safely in a wrap. Babies will experience the brain-maturing power of rhythmic movement as well as the comfort and assurance of being close to mom's heartbeat. Please bring your front or back carrier and we will help evaluate if it will work for class. Optimal carriers are soft carriers of the Moby Wrap style. With Kaeli and Simone

We will:
•learn how to support baby in a sling in a way that is safe for both mom's back and baby's developing body-structure.

•move in ways that provide baby with a "massage-like" movement experience reminiscent of their world in utero.

•move in ways that stimulate the integration of baby's base senses (vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile), which is an essential pre-requisite for most kinds of learning.

•learn how to access and exercise deep abdominal muscles (those that hold the belly in, pregnant or not) in a fun and stimulating way.

•sweat, have fun and dance, dance, dance...

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