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Sara Davidson, ERYT-500, began her study of yoga in 1992, started teaching yoga in 1997, and became a Certifed Anusara Yoga Teacher in 2007. Sara is known for weaving together asana, meditation, alignment, biomechanics, philosophy and Ayurveda into the classroom for a rich and deep experience for the students. Interest in anatomy began early as a young athlete, and refined in her medical training as a doula and midwife. The study of applied movement, alignment, and therapeutic application continued throughout her yoga training, particularly with Anusara. Formal study of spiritual disciplines began in university where Sara completed a Religious Studies degree. Supporting the intellectual aspects of inquiry was the experiential aspect of study from her daily meditation practice that began in 1992 and continues today. She has lived residentially at 2 different meditation centers for many years, and is presently studying and practicing various meditation techniques that explore the tantric vision, practice and lineage of yoga under the guidance of Paul Muller Ortega. Visit Back to Top | Back to Schedule

Naama Gidron, RYT, is the Co-director of Motion Center and is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with over 15 years of yoga practice and 10 years of teaching experience. Naama first discovered Iyengar yoga in 1987 while at Columbia University. She has studied extensively with senior teachers, most recently with the Iyengars in Pune, India. Naama’s teaching style emphasizes alignment and awareness. It is clear and concise, energetic, and engaging. She enjoys working with a wide range of students, including athletes and seniors. Naama teaches classes, private instruction, specialty workshops, as well as retreats.
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Simone Lukas-Jogl discovered Rolfing Structural Integration after almost twenty years of struggling to accommodate a recalcitrant body with a passion for dance. After two surgeries, she had found “her” form of dance (Latin ballroom) and she developed a keen interest in learning how to reconcile competitive ballroom dance with the biomechanical limits of her body. Of course, this quickly developed into a search for ways to change her body's limits. Receiving Rolfing bodywork turned out to be an amazingly effective way to push the envelope - so much so, that she decided to become a Rolfer herself.

Simone Lukas-JoglSimone took her Rolfing training with the European Rolfing Association in Germany and the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and was certified in 1998. Since then, she has studied extensively with Hubert Godard to understand Structural Integration from a movement perspective, taken classes in Rolfing technique and visceral manipulation, and started a personal practice of Continuum movement in order to delve more deeply into the world of somatic movement.

She has worked as a Rolfer on three continents and is fascinated by the ways our body's physical structure responds to culture, trauma, and emotional states. She continues to be amazed at the wide variety of effects people experience when she helps them free their body structure from no-longer-useful patterns of holding: relief from pain, ease in movement, deep relaxation, or emotional break-throughs.

At Motion Center, Simone offers not only hands-on bodywork, but also one-on-one movement sessions which are an opportunity to deepen structural changes, build somatic awareness, and find ways to evoke one's most structurally sound movement patterns.

Candor Plaza finds it an honor to support new Mothers and Fathers as they prepare for their unique journey of giving birth and becoming parents! Her involvement with childbirth has taken several twists and turns, beginning with her first Doula certification in 1995, and including foundational Midwifery training and apprenticeship, Childbirth Education training, and the births of her two daughters. She has had the privilege of attending many births in a variety of settings: at home, in the hospital, at birth centers and, once, in a Tipi! In 2009, Candor fell in love with the Birthing From Within approach to childbirth, and has been blessed to train directly with it's visionary creator, Pam England. As a Birthing From Within Mentor, it is Candor's mission to not only impart useful information in her classes, but additionally to acknowledge, facilitate and celebrate the profound and sacred shift into Motherhood and Fatherhood that is happening throughout pregnancy, and especially in preparation for labor.
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Diyva Epstein-Lubow is not teaching with us while we're in our temporary space. For information about her classes, please email her. Divya holds a Masters Degree in Dance Education from New York University. She has been teaching yoga since 1988. Her initial training was in Kripalu Yoga. In recent years, her main inspirations have been Sara Powers' Insight Yoga, Vipassanna meditation, Anusaura yoga and Iyengar yoga. Her joy of being in the body and her honesty permeate her teaching.
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Kaeli Abrahams Sutton, NCLMT, is the founder and Co-Director of Motion Center. Deeply intrigued by the way the physical form embodies and informs our “self”, she has spent the last 19 years investigating the interweaving of body, heart and mind through movement and meditation.

After many years as a dancer (modern and African dance), Kaeli began to practice yoga in 1993. Her primary early teacher was Leslie Journet in NYC. Currently, she studies with and is deeply inspired by Angela Farmer. She is a registered yoga teacher and holds certifications in Ishta Yoga and Gyrokinesis. Additionally, Kaeli has pursed extensive study of pre- and postnatal yoga and is a registered prenatal yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Kaeli has been a Rhode Island Licensed and nationally certified Massage Therapist since 2001. SHe holds advanced training from Kam Thye Chow in Thai Yoga Massage and Carol Osbourne-Sheets in Prenatal, Labor and Postnatal massage. Kaeli specializes in Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Pre and Postnatal Massage.

Kaeli's works with all populations, but specializes in work with women and families during the perinatal period. She has spent the last 10 years developing programs for mothers and families that support an informed and empowered experience of self and entry into parenthood.

In addition to bodywork, yoga and dance for mothers, Kaeli offers birth and postpartum education workshop and doula services. Over the past 8 years, she has worked with many hundreds of women and families and continues to grow and learn in their presence.

Kaeli brings to her work a deep understanding of the body's capacity for movement, and its primary importance in finding an authentic connection to self, and a compassionate connection to others.
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Peter Wührl works as a holistic bodywork therapist in Providence, RI and in Hamburg, Germany. He teaches treatment of the inner body (viscera) both in Europe and North America, and is the co-author of a textbook on visceral osteopathy (published in English 1/2010 by Eastland Press). Additionally, he serves as co-editor of the German Journal of Osteopathy.***

PLEASE NOTE: Osteopathic Therapy, as practiced in Europe, is a distinct and separate field from American Osteopathic Medicine. Peter Wuehrl is a graduate of the School for Traditional Osteopathy in Hamburg, Germany. Peter is NOT a Doctor of Osteopathy and does not practice medicine. He is a licensed Rhode Island Massage Therapist, the profession under which the maunal techniques used in German osteopathy are regulated in the State of Rhode Island.
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