Motion Center Mom + Baby is now Open Circle: Wellness + Education for Growing Families! This site will no longer be updated as of July 2017. Please see our new site at The corresponding page is available here.


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Forms can be found below fee charts


We request that all reduced payment tiers complete a short application and provide either their households previous year tax return or three recent paystubs from all partners or family members contributing to living expenses.

Tier 1: 151% FPL or lower (3 pay stubs or tax return)
Tier 2: 151 - 253% FPL (3 pay stubs or tax return)
Tier 3: 253% FPL or greater (3 pay stubs or tax return)
Tier 4: 253% FPL or greater (no documentation required)

Motion Center Mom + Baby | Open Circle believes that all families should have access to classes and treatments that focus on supporting mental and physical health. We want you to have a supportive environment to learn about you body, children and choices.

We are a community of families, and each able to offer something unique, based on our time, skills and financial situation. We request that all families think about the ways they can support the center, either through telling your community about our classes, donation of time (cleaning, data entry, placing brochures, etc), services (building, carpentry, graphic design, accounting, etc), or through financial donation.

*Please note that we are researching price points to make sure our fees are feasible for families in different income brackets. The prices may changed over time to reflect new information we gather. You will not be asked to pay for more than you originally agree to.


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  • Health History Form
  • Pre/Postnatal Health Intake
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    410 North Broadway
    (enter through door off parking lot)
    East Providence, RI 02914

    Cash, checks, MC + Visa
    We do not accept gratuities, but dontions to our scholarship fund are always appreciated.

    Income-Based fee's available for all bodywork + classes. Please click for more info.

    Prenatal Yoga Classes
    Drop-in $16
    10-class card $140
         (good for 3 months)

    Mom & Baby Yoga
    and World Dance
    Drop-in $18
    6-Week Series $90
    8-Week Series $120

    Prenatal/Postnatal Massage Therapy
      60 min - $95
      90 min - $125

    Private Labor Support Instruction
    2 hours - $130

    Infant Massage
    60 min private - $50
    Group Classes:
    single session - $25

    series of 4 - $85

    Birthing + Postpartum Workshops
    6-Week Series: $325
    2-Weekend Intensive: $325
    Half-day workshops - $60
    Privates - $130/2.5 hours

    Motion Center Policies