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Motion Center Policies

All private yoga, Dynamic Movement Education and Massage Therapy appointments require 24 hour notice of cancellation, except in the case of emergencies or unexpected illnesses. Appointments given less than 24 hours cancellation notice will be billed at the full session fee.

If your teacher or therapist must cancel, she will do so with 24 hour advance notice. If she must cancel in less than 24 hours, because of emergency, you will be offered $10 off your next treatment.

Class Card and Series Expirations:
• Class Cards are good for three months from the date of purchase.

• If your Class Card expires while you still have unused classes, you may pay a $20 fee ($10 for students) to continue use of all remaining classes with no expiration date.

• Class Series are good for the stated number of consecutive classes, with one make up class included in the fee.

Class Cards cannot be refunded, but may be transfered to another student (please have Motion Center teacher initial name change on card).

For Class-Series policies, please read policy section on individual registration form.

Lateness Policies:
Group Classes

Please make an effort to arrive 5-10 minutes early for all group classes. If you must enter late, please do your best to confirm with the teacher that it is okay to enter, and join the class as quietly and creating as little disturbance as possible. Please do not join a yoga or dance class if you are more than 15 minutes late,* as missing the beginning will put you at risk for injury.

*Mom & Baby yoga participants may enter up to 30 minutes late, due the to realities of caring for infants.

Massage Therapy/Private Yoga Sessions
Your therapist will inform you of the length of your session. If you arrive late, the therapist will give you a complete session if they are able. If not, the session will end at the time originally scheduled.

Your therapist will make every effort to begin your session on time. If she begins it late, she will offer you the option of a complete session that day, or a longer session, making up for missed time, for your next appointment.





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