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Motion Center works yearly to fundraise for local causes and international organizations. In addition to supporting our work, we encourage you to volunteer with or donate to the many local, national and international non-profits that are making a difference the near and far world. Llinks to many websites can be found in the righthand sidebar.



Issa is a long-time fixture in the RI and MA African Dance and Drum Community, and he needs our help. His wife, Batoma, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and with four children – the youngest two only 7 months and 2.5 years old – the family needs our support.

Thankfully, they have health insurance, but Issa has hardly been able to work since Batoma’s diagnosis. He needs to be with his wife in the hospital as much as possible, for translation and support. (She will be in-patient for a full month). And he has no steady childcare for his children and deserves to be with them as much as possible.

Please DONATE what you can so that we can lift some of the stress off this family while they fight for their wife and mother’s health.

Please also attend one of the benefit concerts being organized for him. Info on the RI concert can be found HERE. MA concert details are forthcoming.

Many Thanks,

Kaeli and the Friends of Issa and Batoma

Sponsoring a Child in Ethiopia
Building a Women's and Children's Healthcare Clinic in Mali
Sponsoring a Refugee Family in RI
• Sponsoring Families During the Holiday through ChildFund RI


We have chosen a little boy to sponsor each year through Children's Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS). His photo and information will be up soon, so check back. If you are interested in sponsoring a child yourself ($365/year), email us and we can provide you with information and photos.

When Motion Center co-director Naama Gidron was in Ethiopia adopting her son Samuel, she was amazed to see the scope of SHSFS-Ethiopia's humanitarian efforts. She visited the Sipara Mother and Child Health Center in the capital Addis Ababa which in 2008 alone served over 16,000 patients. In the Southern region, she visited one of the bakeries opened as part of the Family Development Program. This program has helped over 200 vulnderable families become economically self sufficient by providing educational and vocational training. Fianlly, she visited a beautiful new school in Hossana, one out of the three schools opened by CHSFS. Along with the children benefitting from an education, the nearby communities now have access to drinkable water, elecricity, and healthcare.

CHSFS was established in the US in 1989. It has been working in Ethiopia since April 2004. CHSFS-Ethiopia's mission is to empower families and communities in their effort to create favorable conditions for children through diverse socio-economic intervention. Please help us in our effort to sponsor a child.


We are raising funds to got to the organization Tostan, which supports whole communities and especially the rights of women and young girls in Senegal. We are also supportting the completion of Cabinet de Soins Monique, "Clinique Monique," a clinic in rural Mali created to provide prenatal consultations, minor surgeries, and obstetrical and gynecological care to the women of southern Mali. Infant and maternal mortality rates in Mali and much of West Africa are the worst in the world, with one out of every 12 birthing women dying. Much of this has the capacity to be changed through education and access to pre and postnatal care.

Motion Center co-director Kaeli Sutton lived in Senegal, West Africa, a neighboring country to Mali, from 1995-1996, and again for a 3 month visit in 1998. Her time there was intense and educational, and has continued to impact and inform her life all these years later. She continues to communicate with her friends and family members in Senegal, and hopes to one day return to work there. The Senegalese culture is beautiful, gracious, generous and full of zest. At the same time, the place of women within the partrilineal society is not one of full rights and freedom, and there is much work to be done in this domain, as in most of the world, to support women's existence free of oppression, abuse and over-work. Kaeli is deeply committed to empowerment work with birthing families here in the US and abroad.


We have been sponsoring a local immigrant family from Burundi for the last 3 years. Our support has brought them much needed housing goods, children's clothing and holiday gifts. Stay tuned for the next clothing or gift drive.








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